Develop Personal Abilities, Here the Kindergarten Programs of Preschool Jakarta Barat

As an international school, Global Sevilla provides numerous academic levels, including at the kindergarten level. You can choose this school for your children since the teachers are experienced and qualified to teach young learners. Besides, it is one of the international preschools Jakarta Barat that has good quality. For further information about the kindergarten program, here the explanation.


The Purpose of The Kindergarten Program for Young Learner

  1. Young Learner Have Understanding for Facing the Problem

As young learners, they do not have a sense of responsibility. But at Global Sevilla, students will be taught to face several problems based on the curriculum and how to resolve it. With this method of teaching, the children will have the ability to face various problems. By the end of the courses, the students are expected to understand that the problem always comes with a solution.

  1. Develop the Logical Thinking Skills of Young Learners

Logical thinking is the act of analyzing the situation with sensible solutions. At Global Sevilla international preschool Jakarta Barat, young learners are taught by teachers with storytelling methods. Not only have that, but the teachers here also often read interesting books to children and ask them back so they can easily remember. In this way, their logic will be constructed in their mind.

  1. Increasing the Physical Development

Children grow and develop rapidly at an early age through four main areas of development. These are physical or motor development, cognitive, and social development. But the most important thing at this age is physical development. To develop this ability, the teachers use drawing and coloring as the media. The purpose of color and draw is not only to increase creativity but also to exercise holding a pencil properly.

  1. Develop The Personal Abilities of Children

Every child is born with the potential that is different from one another. For this reason, the parents must choose international preschool Jakarta Barat to develop children’s abilities. When young learners are educated and trained properly, the child’s abilities can develop optimally. In this preschool Jakarta Barat, children will be supported with various training and activities that can develop their potential.

Choosing a high-quality kindergarten for your children is not as difficult as you think. You can select Global Sevilla as your international school list. This institution provides qualified teachers who master knowledge in various fields. Therefore, you should choose this international school for your children’s development needs. After graduating from this program, you will see your children have many skills for a better future.


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